Finger King Damage Mechanic Advances

This last week I’ve been working on getting some things improved in FK.  It was really brutal in the earlier versions to have even the slightest touch with anything sharp to result in the loss of a finger.  While the loss of fingers is important as real and constant concern, it was really tough for fat fingers, phone size devices and forget it if you have fat fingers on a phone sized screen.

So I’ve now come up with a system that offers a more “forgiving” and yet more brutal layer to the game.  You can now cut yourself and bleed like a stuck pig for a few seconds.  You also black out for a moment, but this moment becomes longer as you lose blood and deal with more pain.

It’s still needing some tweaking, but overall I’m very happy with the performance and feel of the effect.  I have to first get a really solid first stage working that allows me to build out all of the possibilities the game and then from there I can rapidly develop all of the levels.  It’s one of the things I’ve loved with working with GameSalad.

The main thing right now holding me up is not having all of the art.  This simply takes time to assemble and Mariah and Anthony are both doing awesome work.  I hope to have a new gameshow storyboard or even in-game example of it.  It’s going to be KING!

Also this build includes some of my attempts at creating an old TV feel.. this needs a LOT more work, but the intent is to make the game feel like you’re watching an old VHS copy of a TV show.. with tracking popups and tape effects..  Below should show the video embedded here, but for some reason it seems that my embed code from youtube isn’t showing the video itself for some reason. ah technology..

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