GameSalad to be Finger King Game Engine for iOS

After much contemplation and research into Construct 2, GameSalad and even factoring in Unity and Media Fusion, in the end we’ve decided to go with GameSalad for the iOS version.  If the game shows enough promise we’ll explore other technology to go beyond.  GameSalad can reach out to android, windows 8 and OSX, the biggest downside is that there are no free to play models for those platforms at this time with GameSalad.

Razor bleed test


I still have tremendous respect for Construct 2 and I suspect its going to be in use for future web games that we have been discussing.  However, for the time being, I have more experience with GameSalad, I’m at this point a heavy Mac user (Construct 2 is windows only) and given our tight deadline, it’s going to be the best way for us to bring the experience to the public the fastest and most effective way to explore some fun new ideas along the way.

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