Weighing the pros of GameSalad vs. Construct 2

I have been using GameSalad for the last year and a half and have enjoyed working in it.  However I am also aware of the “sandbox” limitations it offers in some situations.  These limitations vary from lack of IAP options for Windows 8, OSX and Android to performance problems with ports to platforms like Windows 8.

On the other hand Construct 2 has some really awesome possibilities, however it seems that it also has many more pitfalls than what i’m used to experiencing with GameSalad.  I’ve recently bought a personal license because I find it’s open ended capability combined with a “code free” approach to game making exciting.  It has a greater reach with more capabilities but laced with uncertainty.

I’m currently working on Finger King and while I have a solid prototype of it in GameSalad, I would like to use it as my attempt to see how the same game would be made in C2 in order for me to access more free to play options beyond iOS.  How I go about doing this though is so riddled with questions that I could see making any clear cut ETA for finishing the game going out the window.  We are currently looking at a potential publisher deal in August which means we have to really get this game moving forward and minimize wheel spinning…

I’m super excited to be meeting this week with the creator of Soda Drinker Pro Will Brierly who’s been kind enough to offer me some one on one mentorship with C2.  I believe this will be a huge help in help me better understand C2.

Also regarding C2 vs. GameSalad, I see both having awesome value in their respective strengths.  We have been talking about making some simple html5 games for web and C2 at it’s simplest form would be tremendous for making those kind of games being able to use web sockets..   while GameSalad offers some really awesome tools for rapid prototyping at it’s most basic use.

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