FredEx Prototype Developed

Finger King has been going slow due to some art hold ups that are what happens when life comes in and derails the best laid plans.  However fear not, Finger King is alive and well and still a thing!  While I had a little down time this last week I decided to prototype another idea with GameSalad.  If the link below doesn’t show the video you can also watch it clicking here

basically boxes come down and you must get the right boxes into the right vehicles.  this version gets hard really fast, but its a nice start and shows the concept works well.

I made another game as well, but its a bit less together at this point.  a stickman game that also was on the back burner but thanks to some help from Miguel, I had some starter stickman art I could work with.  More on that next week if no better news comes along. 😉



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