Quicksilver Multiplayer RPG In Production

Going waaaay back to 2009 Part12 Studios had wanted to make a “condensed mmo” rpg experience.  Roger and I went through a hard core World of Warcraft phase.  I remember how cool it was with the invention of the WoW Armory and this got us thinking about making “Wow Armory: The Game” providing a simplified game experience for people who want that MMO fix without many of the time consuming elements.

We made a version for facebook awhile back and it was going well, but we got busy with client work and over time the gold rush of facebook seemed to be cooling off so we opted not to pursue facebook moving forward and explore mobile and web.

Today, we’ve begun working on the next iteration of Quicksilver.  We are developing it specifically for MocoSpace at this time building it to be easy to play with an intuitive system and menu system for easy navigation.  We are really excited to be able to return to one of the games we’re passionate about.

We are also excited about building it up over time into something even more unique and accessible through mobile and desktop web as well allowing easy access from anywhere

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About Caleb

Game Producer at Part12 Studios here in greater Boston area. Caleb loves game design and the execution of game development. He is also a semi-serious old school skater and a married father of two wonderful boys.