Drinking the Kool-Aid: A Renewed Interest In Playmaker :)

So I had awhile back been really interested in an article i found on gamasutra where a 3d artist made a completed game for iOS using Playmaker.  I’d heard about this tool before but never really got the sense that anyone was doing something substantial with it..  like “yes you can do stuff with it without coding..”  but maybe it just isn’t realistic to make a full fledge game with it.  So yea this article put that to rest and I gave it a really good go in the tutorials.  I was really impressed.  i was doing stuff in 3d without code and that felt good.  However when we got several work for hire gigs that came a long and that stalled out my training and things went cold for a bit.

So fast forward a few months and with most of our work for hire stuff being completed or finishing up very soon, I will once again have the time needed to really understand this system.  I just renewed my Pro GameSalad license and I’m happy to support them and I plan on continuing to use it as a prototyping tool and will likely still be publishing games with it, however having had two GameSalad devs I respect switch over to playmaker and rave about it has forced me to reconsider upping my priority, not even counting the other devs that I know who use it and also share their love for the technology.  August is going to be the first really free month I’ve had in months and so it’s a perfect time for me to carve out some regular time each day to review the tutorials and really try to make something with it this time.

Jenna of Monster and Glitch has been super cool and offered to give me a personal tour of her first serious playmaker project (one of the former GameSalad devs I mentioned above) in early August.  I’m looking forward to bringing my updated playmaker skills and questions to talk with someone who understand.

Roger is going to be coming to stay with us for a few weeks in mid August.  So this will also give me some short term goals to get familiar with working with custom actions / scripts that could allow Roger to help out / collaborate with me on games like Road Defender.  All of this should prove exciting as we find out how we can work together through unity3D.

As we approach Boston FIG, its critical that we make the most of August and early September to have as many of our games polished and playable for the public / press.  However that lineup is for another post.

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