It’s Go Time! Part12 Shifts Back To Their Own Games

So Part12 Studios has had a really great year so far in 2013.  However most of the time has been spent helping others develop their games.  We’ve had some great clients work with us and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve others and help make their games a reality.  July has been a big months for closing things out.  I completed my service for CueThink helping them with gamification and narrative design for their upcoming project in development called Quantum.  We also worked with MIT’s Media Lab to help them port an interactive storybook for children from flash over to unity3d.  Lastly, we just helped HealthTeacher get one of their upcoming new web games called BodySpell completed.

Additionally as we get closer to Boston FIG I’m slowing down on my contribution.  I worked extensively to help secure our media partnerships this year with companies like Comcast, 103.3 FM, Boston Globe, DigBoston and Yelp!  So we are going to have an incredible media marketing push right up to the day of the festival.  This has taken a fair amount of my spare time  as well.  So I’m really happy that we were able to get so much accomplished and now it leaves me with about 45 days to shift back to my own projects and get them presentable for the public On September 14th!

We still have one major client we are working with that will be ongoing for the months ahead and this project will require a good portion of Roger’s time, but not so much that he cannot continue serious development with Quicksilver our upcoming web game.  Most of these projects have eaten more into my time than Roger’s.  I have been unable to make much progress with Finger King or any other projects because of the producing and game design responsibilities of our clients.  So I’m excited to announce two games I’ll be working hard on from now till Boston FIG to be ready for launch.

Finger King – This is our Japanese Game Show.  It’s been a longer than expected road between my busy schedule with client work and getting the assets for both the cinematics and in-game assets looking better.  We have a great team of artists involved.  This game has undergone a number of changes and revisions that I think have been needed for the game to evolve and gel into something achievable and unique.

FredEx – This is the brainchild of Roger from several years ago that he let me take to the next level.  This game has come together very quickly as a prototype, but I need to now take it up another notch to give the game an added layer of depth, but still keeping the game quick casual and of course fun.

So yea it’s going to be an exciting road from now till Boston FIG.

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About Caleb

Game Producer at Part12 Studios here in greater Boston area. Caleb loves game design and the execution of game development. He is also a semi-serious old school skater and a married father of two wonderful boys.