Juggling multiple games

With about 21 days left till Boston FIG I can definitely feel the pressure of developing two games working to beat the clock.  However, FredEx has been making some amazing strides over the last week and being that it was the far more risky game to develop, I’m happy to report it’s shaping up nicely.  Finger King is more in a content collecting phase right now as DJ and Anthony diligently work on the  story / game sides.  I got so sucked into what I was doing this week I forgot to do my regular Monday blog posting which I’m just now getting too.

Here are the facebook pages for the two games.



While there is a pull I can see in maintaining the integrity of two games to get them presentable and solid for Boston FIG, I think we’re on the right track to get both of these games fun for gamers to try out and get that ever valuable playtesting feedback!

here is a quick peek at FredEx.  This version is exploring letterboxing being brought back for iOS.. this is as seen on an iPad with Letterboxing on.

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