Reflecting On Boston FIG

So yea wow Boston FIG came and went.  I’m so glad it’s over just because of the all of the anticipation and preparation.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by and tried our games.  I’m back at it now getting both of them to the finish line now.

We got great feedback from players and while we know things that need to be addressed, we were left with a very positive impression from gamers for both FredEx and Finger King.  I’m really eager to get these done.

Also I’m super excited to have had the chance to reconnect with some good devs I’ve known for awhile now.  We are dusting off a couple of projects that needed completion and I think FIG was a great catalyst to jump start two additional games which I’ll announce in the coming weeks as I am able to report updates with substance.

The real test will be to see how the general gaming public reacts and how in line it will be with all the positive feedback and desire to see these games in their completed forms and available.

The festival went really well.  I was glad to help out for the last two years and I’m excited to see how it snowballs into something even better next year!

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About Caleb

Game Producer at Part12 Studios here in greater Boston area. Caleb loves game design and the execution of game development. He is also a semi-serious old school skater and a married father of two wonderful boys.