Tag Teaming with Finger King and FredEx

This is going to be an interesting process over the next two months or so as I switch between two games.  I’m not sure how it’s going to play out, but its fun to jump between them letting them stew some and evolve as i work on the other game.  Also allows art assets to trickle in as needed as well for both while working on the other.

I’ll be spending most of this week on FredEx while last week was all about Finger King.  I’m proud of where FK is right now, although Roger found a serious bug that had been overlooked through “misuse” of the game.. which is good because i wouldn’t have thought to pay this way..   here is a video although even this video has become outdated…  things like the bleed effect now doesn’t go totally black as you blackout.. but simply dims more and more each time you get cut so you have a sense of increased caution as you get hurt in each stage.

Once this bug is worked out it’s over to FredEx



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