Product Pages Gets Some Love This Week And More

I’ve been putting this off for awhile because I’ve been so heavily involved with FredEx and other projects.  However I realize I have to pull the plug for a short period of time to get all of these projects cleaned up and new content added.  Facebook, IndieDB and the Part12 site are all getting some much needed attention.

I have decided to also try and help give some of our early projects more exposure to help raise awareness of them over time providing a living history of their development.  Even if folks don’t know about them now, we’ll have a kind of log of their progress for anyone who might be interested.

So from now on mondays will not just be updates for this blog, blogger and indiedb, but also for facebook which now has pages for all currently active projects.  which are:


Part12 Studios Website



Finger King –

Quicksilver –

FredEx: Shipment Impossible –

Beatrice –

Super Sluggo –

Road Defender –





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