Quicksilver Shaping Up Nicely And Other Good News

Last week was a weird one for me.  My intent at the start of the week was to devote my energy on Finger King.  However it seems that while we were tremendously productive, I didn’t do a darn thing for Finger King.  Roger has made some great headway in Quicksilver, but to make this progress he needed my help so we could discuss and design many of the core 1.0 versions of Quicksilver.

Our plan is to have this thing ready likely by the end of November if not sooner on Mocospace if all goes as planned and I feel like we’re past the toughest stuff to have working so we’re eager to get this game live ASAP and gather feedback from players.

The week didn’t stop with just working on Quicksilver, it also turned out I needed to some additional thought design regarding Sluggo which Michael has been pounding away on the solar system.. um.. system.. which is going to be a really awesome procedurally generated solar system system.

Then yet another front.  Our long awaited project “Road Defender” which is currently in pre-production for early 2014 is underway, but in order for our concept artists to really start to get their hands dirty they needed me to help give them some content to work from regarding vehicles needed and such, which took more time than anticipated, but now they have a solid body of work to derive their designs from and no longer be working in a creative vacuum.

With the prospect of making this game a kickstarter project, we’re looking to build a lot of visual concept and storyboarding art together to help tell the story of the game.  We’ll also be developing an early prototype as well to help really show our capability to not just come up with a great game idea, but also deliver it.

This week I’ll be doing more game design work on Sluggo.  Finger King is taking a backseat at least early this week as I wait for some overdue art assets for it.  However I’m also very stoked to announce we have a new power up added to FredEx which I got working over the weekend.  I introduce “The Crane” move which allows you to grab any box and lift it up over the rest and carry it straight to the right (or wrong) truck because if you’ve ever been faced with a platform loaded with boxes, there is a time when even the best players need some time to get the right boxes in the right place.  I’m going to knock out that next.

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