Wow we have five games in development now!

Part12 Studios is pretty much just two guys.  Myself and Roger.  However we work with a lot of talented and motivated individuals to help in the areas we lack.  Artists, Musicians, Other Developers and more!  Recently Ichiro of Dejobaan Games fame posed the question of what everyone in the Boston Indie community what they are up to for 2013 Q4.

This was a nice opportunity to reflect on what everyone is doing and while I am directly involved with all of them, it was kinda wild to really see them all in one email.  We’re touching many platforms and technologies so it’s really exciting to not just be focusing on one language/tech/market.

Effectively all of these games are aiming for a launch goal of January 1st, but I think it will be incredible if we can really pull it off!  🙂

So here is a summary of what we’re up too.


FredEx: Shipment Impossible 





We demoed this at FIG.  It has evolved a bit since then but the core idea is the same. This is the game that sparked my questions about color blind players.  I haven’t addressed it yet, but i absolutely will once the game overall is further along and ready for play testers.  I’m aiming to have this done by Jan 1st.  Working with Nina Klymenko on this one.  Her art has helped bring a primitive game mechanic to life.

– – represents the latest incarnation of the in-game stuff.

– Publishing to iOS, Android, Windows 8 and OSX



Finger King





Most of 2013 has been spent working for other people which is great to have money in the bank, but it also shelved all of our projects so I’m working on this one tag-team style with FredEx.  I’m aiming to have this done by Jan 1st as well.  I’m working with Anthony Cefaretti (in game art) and DJ Burgess (gameshow art) to craft a unique game experience.  We also have Christian Hegg as a Japanese voice actor and others will come on as we get further with the script and Mariah Almeida-American Horse is our awesome Japanese translator to write the scripts for our voice actors to recite. a quick demo of a simple in game level.. i forgot to show releasing your finger = electrocution.. oh well.

– Publishing to iOS, Android, Windows 8 and OSX














This is our 3rd attempt to make our condensed Social-Mobile MMO for MocoSpace starting out to test the waters.  Roger my partner is doing most of the heavy lifting on this one as I focus on design and PM.  We are determined to get this one launched in the next 4-6 weeks.  At first glance it would fall under the “mafia wars” style game, but its only the first step towards layering unique social elements.  With this we opted to try an MVP / Iterative approach.  Additionally we’re doing this to build technology that will be repurposed to create other original titles based on this body of work.

– Publishing to MocoSpace (reaching iOS and Android) and Web



Super Sluggo







Awhile back we had released our iOS exclusive title Sluggo: The Planet Eating Space Worm and now teaming up with Michael Schenck as a collaborative project he’s helping us amp up making it in Unity3D for the Ouya initially.  Michael and I have wanted to work together on stuff in the past, but circumstances had just never been right and it looks like 2014 is going to be an awesome year to forge ahead and not only complete Sluggo, but explore some really awesome Oculus Rift Projects as well.  This new version is going to be a very “super” remake of the original that will be stunning both visually and offer a lot of new game mechanics and features that we didn’t develop with the first version.   We don’t have a firm deadline for this, but we are striving to get this out the door by January 1st depending how it goes.

– Publishing to Ouya initially



Beatrice (working title)

I’m excited about this project as well.  Nate Cope and I had this project we were collaborating on, but it got shelved last year, but circumstances are ideal now, so we’re activating developing it.  This game is going to be something in the vein of Candy Crush, but with a more narrative driven game as well as some innovative hybrid game mechanics.  This project probably will be something released in Spring likely due to it being a spare time project for us.

– Publishing to iOS and Android initially

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