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NOTE: Before I go into my normal Blog, I’ve recently discovered that all of my iOS apps made with GameSalad crash at different points.  I’m working on this, this week to get all of my games recompiled to address this.  It’s a relatively easy fix, but seeing that apple takes a week or so to approve an update, this means anyone out there with the app will be experiencing crashes till an update.  I also may use this as an opportunity to make some adjustments as well, such as making all iPhone games Universal this time around and maybe some other little enhancements while i’m in there.


Hey everyone, so last week I opted to skip my weekly post mostly due to the fact that my 2 year old son jabbed my eye Sunday night last weekend and I guess he scratched my cornea.. ouch.. imagine a really bad eyelash you can’t get out of your eye for a couple days.  Thankfully the human eye heals remarkably fast and my eye was pretty much back in full effect by Tuesday, but the time lost from not being able to look at a monitor for long put me behind on my other duties so I chose to get more work done with FredEx and other work.

So in short, last week was good.  FredEx is finally shaping up in some of the areas I’ve struggled with on it.  I’m still honing in on it, but it is coming down to just getting it as fun as possible given the development cycle I’m on with it. My goal is to have it live by January 1st.  Finger King was suppose to be done by then too, but I’ve hit some artist snags on that project so it’s just going to have to take a backseat till I can find the right person for job.  This allows me though to give FredEx more time and focus, except this week (more on that in a minute).

The other big news was the recent Nokia/Microsoft DVLUP Day event they held this weekend at the Microsoft offices in Cambridge, MA.  This was a really cool event.  It was for a wide range of developers.  There were students as well as accomplished developers.  The overall theme was ultimately to get apps published on the Windows 8 Phone app store.  I’m not sure if they ever did this when Phone 8 was launched, but this event was definitely something that felt like you would find at a new platform launch.  They had some great swag and tutorials.

It wasn’t all game developer stuff either.  There were non-game developers there, in fact game devs were somewhat of a minority, but not by a lot.  We had the option of learning about construct 2 or Unity3d.  I opted to sit in on the Unity3d training because part of it was going to be showing how the new unity 3.4 version that just got released would work with it’s new 2d tools.  It was a little over my head as i’m not a competent c# coder, but my friend and co-developer Nate Cope was there next to me to help me along and explain some things so it was overall great.

The evening they had a mini dev session where folks could just work on apps and various Microsoft and Nokia developers were there to help us.  Jim from Microsoft helped me with my port of Zen Hopper my first mobile game from 2010 using Construct 2.

I have to say that this time around I really had a LOT of fun working with Construct 2 for this game.  I’ve always enjoyed it, but it seemed like in the past some things just didn’t work like they should.  My previous attempt to make Finger King with it was a bit more daunting, but Zen Hopper has been coming together very nicely.  I still have a bit to do.  This is the thing that is derailing FredEx for a few days.  I’m using this DVLUP challenge to work with Construct 2 deeper than I have in the past.

My general focus to move Part12 Studios to Unity3d is as true as ever, but I also know that we have opportunities to develop web games and such and Construct 2 is a fantastic tool for rapid development and for HTML5 which even Unity doesn’t do at this time and from my talk with a Unity rep earlier this year it’s not even on the radar as something they are targeting.

The big thing about the this event was it kicked off a 14 day challenge for us to create an app for Windows 8 Phone and get it on the store before then to win a free Nokia Win 8 Phone.  I already have one, but I wanted to get one for Roger so when we look to develop / port future games to that platform or test our web games, he has a device.  For me it’s more about the experience and heck it will also be a new market.  Depending on how I feel the Win 8 Phone store does, I may consider porting over some lite versions of some of my other games using Construct 2 as well.

So yea things are going well here at Part12 Studios.  I’ll have more news on all of our projects next week as well.  Quicksilver has some really exciting features brewing as well, but I’m going to spend more time on that next week most likely to really lay out what’s going on with it.



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