FredEx Progress and Other News

FredEx is coming along well.  Worked out a lot of changes including now having up to 15 trucks in three different bays.  These three bays of five trucks share the same five color boxes.  I also made the conveyor belts activate for their respective bays when trucks begin to arrive in the side bays.  There is a lot more stuff, but I don’t have an iOS build handy for me to do a proper video capture, but once things gel a little more, probably by next week I’ll have a lot more to demonstrate.  In the meantime I have a few screenshots to share:











On other fronts we have some great progress with Quicksilver.  We’re looking to see what options we have to make it a stand alone app as well possibly after we see how well it fares on Mocospace, taking it to other mobile platforms as a direct app would be really exciting for us to be able to give more players direct access to the game and leverage more social networks.

Beatrice and Super Sluggo are going to be getting a lot of attention from me this week in the documentation side of things for our developers so they can forge ahead.  I’m really excited with how they are coming along.  We’ve had to make some tough decisions regarding scope and features and I’m happy to see that in seeking simplicity we’ve helped keep the game easier to pick up and learn.. but also give players some really fun features to keep them coming back for more.

I’ve also done some work with Construct 2 this weekend.  I’ve been curious about tower defense mechanics and wanted to see how it handled multiple turrets.  I was really impressed with how it worked.  Unlike GameSalad which really doesn’t support parent / child relationships, having one turret behave independently of the others and yet be clones was really awesome.

Coming up next week, I’m going to have to probably go back and fix all of our iOS games made with GameSalad due to some breakage that occurs with iOS7.  Thankfully the issues are easily solved, but it will still take some time to get back to each project update and test to be sure everything is good.  I’ll probably be blogging about that process next week.

After that it’s going to be my journey publishing games to Tizen the week after that.  GameSalad opened up Tizen as a publishing option for their games so I’d like to explore that platform with our collection of GameSalad titles.

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