Game Fixes for iOS7 and Samsung App Store Additons

So it was concerning to recently find that all of my games made with GameSalad were all crashing when I launched them.  I was relieved to find out it was specifically iOS7, not iOS devices.  It had been awhile since I had cracked open one of my old games.  I hadn’t played any of them since iOS7 came out.

Thankfully the remedy was painless for the most part.  I just had to go back and rebuild each game using the latest version of GameSalad. I systematically uploaded each of them.  They are all out there now fixed except WFD: The Game.  That one has been submitted and should pass, but for whatever reason, it seems to have been delayed longer than the rest.  I’ll update this thread as soon as I know they are all approved.


Games Fixed:

Zen Hopper

Cyball, Cyball HD

3Start Trainer



WFD: The Game (pending approval as of Dec 16th)

Not Alone In The Dark (2013 global game jam)

The biggest hassle was that some of the games were launched before Retina displays existed and before Apple started asking for 1024×1024 icon graphics.


Other news is that we had been contacted by someone over at the 100% indie initiative about bringing our games over to their android app store.  Fixing iOS7 games gave me a chance to also go in and prep each of the games to have appropriately built android apk files for them to check out.  We’re pleased to be approved for four games right off the bat.

Approved Games:

Zen Hopper

Fishtronaut: Mini Adventures

WFD: The Game


We still have to get a few things finalized with the account in order for the games to show up on the store.  We’ll report more on this once I know these apps are live and available online.

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