Porting Games To Tizen from GameSalad and Construct 2

Last week or so, GameSalad informed many of us who had published games to iOS and Android to check out a program they are offering developers who port their game over to Tizen (a publishing option recently made available to GameSalad developers.

The core deal was $50 per game ported + three months of GameSalad Pro.  This has no cap.  Port 4 games and get a year of free GS pro.  Additionally, Appbackr rated a number of games and each developer who had apps that scored over a certain amount were given additional incentive money to port those games over.  I got such an email for Klouds+, Zen Hopper and Cyball.

I went through the process and found it to be pretty painless.  The SWIFT bank code was unfamiliar and business proof requests seemed a bit subjective and vague, but apparently the details I provided were sufficient enough to get approved without any rejection.  This is Samsung so it’s a Korean company which explains the need for a SWIFT code.

The process was also very well done and I applaud the GameSalad team for making the process straightforward.

NOTE: If you’re using Mavericks, you will have trouble installing the Tizen SDK IDE app “as is”.  The solution is tjat you have to go to “system preferences/Security and Privacy” and allow Apps downloaded from anywhere… otherwise it will act strange

I’ve ported Zen Hopper, Klouds+ and Cyball successfully and they have been approved for the store, which is great as this means we should be all set for the incentive bonus.  Since then I’ve also taken over Fishtronaut, WFD: The Game, 3Start Trainer and Not Alone In The Dark (free) to give some additional months of GS and some quick cash. Now we play the waiting game as GameSalad has to sort through all of the submissions creating and automated process.

It’s a strange thing to port something over without having a physical phone to test on, but I can see the need for Samsung to take this initiative encouraging porting of many apps of at least some level of quality to insure the store doesn’t launch empty.

Also it’s interesting to see that they have come up with a solution for Tizen which requires proper back button behavior (android was ok with any back button quitting the app) where instead of assigning a key press, you simply type in “back” in the space.  I think this is interesting because it could also address indirectly the same issue that Windows Phone 8 requires.  So I’m still rooting for WP8 support on GameSalad to happen and maybe this is one more block removed.

So why Tizen?  We,ll the  word is that Samsung who’s kicking ass and taking names in the mobile space giving Apple a real run for their money and even outpacing them in innovation on a number of levels (I’m a iPhone / Apple fan, but I give credit where credit is due) and with such growth and strength being subject to the Android OS is cramping their style so Tizen is a solution for them to work with an OS that they can have full control over.

So yea I’m excited to explore Tizen as the market develops and see what Samsung can do with it.  I hope it doesn’t become another Blackberry 10 situation, but seeing how much larger Samsung is than RIM was, it’s going to have a much better shot.

I’ve also looked into exporting to Tizen from Construct 2 and its a little more involved, but doesn’t look too bad, just a different approach.  GameSalad produces nice and tidy little WGT files which you then import into the Tizen IDE and sign it there, then upload that signed WGT and fill out the other respective information.  With Construct 2, you’re dealing with a project with various respective HTML5 files and folders.  I need to go through the process deeper to see it work first hand, I just haven’t had time yet to try it out in depth.  I started to do it, but just didn’t have time to get deeper with it at the time.

I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance to produce a project with Tizen with Construct 2.

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