Tis the season… for things to go differently than planned.. :)

So yea this week has been pretty slow on the development front.  My oldest son has been out of school all this week.  It’s been nice to spend more time with him, but between that and my wife’s busy retail schedule it has meant long stretches of me with my two sons (2 and 5) so I decided to embrace the chaos (even this blog post is a day late from my normal monday ritual) and let Part12 Studios stuff go on the back-burner till January 2nd when things normalize.

I was however able to make some progress in the porting process for both the Samsung Android app store and Tizen app store.  I had a few rejections for some minor oversights on my part, but those have been resubmitted.  Samsung’s testing process is pretty intense.  You can have up too 117 devices test the app which naturally takes a little longer, however to my surprise several of them made it without a hitch!

A few got snagged so I’m looking into what changes are needed to fix those.  It’s looking like GameSalad might be the issue for some of them (music not stopping when you exit the app) and the other is more if a misunderstanding for Klouds.  Fishtronaut is the other that got snagged so far and that has the same music still playing after you quit the app.  Sadly those issues are not something i can control so I’ll reach out to GameSalad and see if they can do something about it.

I’m happy to report that come January 2nd later this week things will get back to normal.  We have exciting client work starting up so this may end up slowing down some of our time spent on FredEx and other projects, but we’re excited because like every prior client project we’ve done, it will only make us stronger developers when we come back full on with our own work.  What’s also great is that several of our internal projects are in collaboration with developers unaffected by these gigs so good things will continue to come from Part12 throughout 2014 both for our clients and our own projects.

More details will come as things develop and finalize by next week.  Honestly I’m just looking forward to the holidays to be over so I can get back to work and focus on the tasks at hand.  I’m excited to get into 2014 and make it awesome!

Happy new years to everyone, see you in 2014! 🙂

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