Quantum Frame, Construct 2 and LiteTween

First of all I wanted to mention an exciting partnership with the creators of the Quantum Frame comic and video game. The game is a side scrolling shooter in the vein of R-Type and other similar games with their own unique power ups and setting.  You can learn more about it here.  In the near future we will have a product page on the Part12 Studios page.

I’m also excited to mention we’ll also be adding one for our game jam projects as well.  I didn’t feel a full page was good for individual game jams games as it could clutter things, but collectively they are worth mentioning, even if they are a bit unpolished and short.

I’ve been using Construct 2 a lot this week and one of the things I noticed that was missing from it was a something I’m used to having in GameSalad that GS called the interpolate behavior.  I did some forum searching and got a lot of very helpful feedback and all of it ultimately lead to two soltutions that I thought were worth sharing:

1. LERP is a function you can access.  This isn’t really a tutorial post, but in short, you would in “every tick” when you want the object ot move, Set X and Set Y to “lerp(sprite.x, destinationX, 0.05) and the same for Set Y with the respective changes.  The 0.05 is basically your speed.  This is very much a simple interpolation with some ease in and ease out.

I could have made things work with just this for my immediate needs, but then someone had mentioned LiteTween which is basically or those of you who work in HTML5 or Flash have heard of TweenLite / TweenMax.

2. Basically LiteTween is the equivalent of TweenLite for Construct 2.  It gives me access to a large number of interpolations as seen here.  This is a bit more involved at first getting used to how things work with it, but its definitely worth pushing through the slight learning curve.  Now I can have things “boing“, fade in/out, move around in much more interesting and fluid ways than straight linear A to B type of situations.

I’m still surprised this isn’t something that C2 would have built in as it’s very helpful and very common to need this kind of scripted behavior, but that’s why plugins are so great and having a good forum community makes it all good.

By next week I’ll probably be doing a fair amount of practical work with C2 and while I’ve dabbled in it before, I’ve never used it with a specific goal in mind so I will likely share my experience with particles in C2 next time.

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