Construct 2 Discoveries and GameSalad Breakthroughs

Hi everyone,

It’s been a few weeks since my last post.  The week before I was under some crazy deadlines to get some work done and it had consumed my time so there wasn’t a whole lot of news to share other than “I’m busy”.

Then last weekend my youngest son gave me a nice chest and sinus infection which I’m still recovering from.  I’m not sure if it’s because I was a smoker for a number of years, but it seems like when I get lung / sinus problems these days, they just linger longer than I would expect.  I really wish I had recorded my breathing last week.  I was making some really gross sounds which would have made for some great monster sounds, oh well.

Things are still pretty full-on right now with a 2nd project that came up and I’m working hard to get it setup so the artist involved can create the needed stuff for me to assemble the next project.  Like the last one, I’m using Construct 2 for it.

I still love many things about GameSalad when it comes to making games, but C2 had the HTML flexibility I needed to give the client what they had asked for.  Like anything, be it mac / pc, Max / Maya, or C2 / GameSalad they are all tools and like a carpenter, knowing which tool to use for which job is really important.

On the C2 side of things, I was excited to see how effective the Node-Webkit was.  I was able to very painlessly and on the first try export the clients project to Windows, Linux and OSX in one process.  Performance and stability were fantastic.  I had some trouble with the project exporting over to iOS through CocoonJS.  The XCode project that I was given seem to deploy right.  Roger though with his knowledge of XCode was however able to get it to at least generate the IPA which I could then load, however it also crashed on my iPhone.  He hadn’t included my iPads in the provision so we were unable to test there.  Additionally I was telling the project to fill the screen, but for some reason, it seemed to do a kind of scale fit so that’s another uncertainty.  We’ll come back to it soon but right now time isn’t on our side.

Looking back at the C2 project I just did, I learned a lot about organizing.  I tried to be organized going in and I was for the most part, but one big lesson I also learned after it was too late is how cool it can be to attach layout sheets to a scene.  I was putting all of each stage’s logic in each scene.  This is fine, but there were a number of things that appear in numerous screens.  like next and back buttons that all had the same rules to them.  Had I used attached event sheets I could have kept things cleaner.  The next project will definitely make use of this.

On the GameSalad side of things I’m super excited to see they finally got the Tizen optimizations they did applied to Windows 8 projects.  This is something that should have been done when Win8 support was added, but it wasn’t, but that’s behind us and now we’re looking at a better system.  I tested out WFD: The Game and could tell response time was what it should be.  I need to try a few other games and get them re-compiled to improve their performance.  I did notice that at least one thing didn’t get fixed though.  Audio controls that GS has such as pitch and such are not seen by the HTML5 export.  It’s a minor thing, but something that GS developers should be aware of.   So yea that’s very exciting.  I have 4 games on Windows 8 that all could benefit from this new optimized publisher.

So yea these GS updates will be coming in the near future.

Lastly, things are picking up over with the Boston Festival of Indie Games.  I’m not volunteering this year, but I will reach out to the fine folks over at the festival and find out more and keep folks in the loop this year.  I’m not sure I’ll have something to submit or not.  We have some big things coming up that are going to probably demand more time than I’ll have to spend getting an indie game ready for the festival.  But we’ll see.

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