A Game For Good “Bee Active”

My wife works at Aveda and later this week they are doing an event that focuses on honeybees and the troubles they are facing.  This event is to help raise awareness and money to help with honeybee research and preservation as there are so many thing that Bees help with in nature and also directly impact our own lives most directly when it comes to the foods we eat.

I wanted to make something that would coincide with this event to experiment with making a “game for good”.  We’ve done various games that provide some service such as education or entertainment, but not something that was for a specific cause.  So I took it upon myself to make something.  I didn’t have a lot of time.  iOS being the slowest of the app approval times, I had to be sure that the game was submitted a week before the event to insure it got approved in time.  I started this project on May 9th.  So it gave me roughly 6 days to get it to a final state for publishing.

You can check it out here

I actually ended up making this with Construct 2 rather than Unity3D simply because I had little time and I’m a long way from being comfortable enough in unity to make a solid game.  Construct 2 was (as usual) a joy to work with and helped me spend more time on exploring ideas than figuring out the technology.  I’ll be going back to Unity soon enough though as I gear up for an event later this month offering some Unity3D training.

If you want to help out with the fundraising this app is aspiring to drive eyes too you can visit the crowdrise website found here

When the app is on all of the respective platforms, I’ll do a postmortem that shares what I have learned from this process and hopefully have some interesting numbers to share.  Right now it’s live on a few app stores, but until all of the major platforms have been reached, I’m not putting a lot of energy into the marketing.









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