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Catching Up

It’s been anything but quiet around here as much as you wouldn’t be able to tell if you looked at how long it’s been since our last post.  This is really a lesson to me on why I just have to make time to blogging because otherwise I have so much to talk about that it just gets jumbled together.  So I’m going to hit some highlights that come to mind and just try and do better to keep news coming in the future.  There is just so much to talk about and yet pressures to keep on task with the time I have to make this stuff happen!


Exploring Construct 2 deeper

Construct 2 has been so much fun to be a part of in recent weeks and it’s been more about exploring platforms and social features than making new games.  I just updated our “more games” pages.  Most of my time has been spent on our recent games Bee Active and Voider are both up to version 1.3 which for each of them represent a refined experience.


Porting games to the Ouya

I’m working on getting Bee Active ported to the Ouya which has been slow, but encouraging.  Tim, an Ouya developer has been incredibly helpful and supportive as we try things to make it work.  If we can make it work it should be a great performing solution for Construct 2 games to reach the Ouya platform.  I have made a working test app with Construct 2, but working through a few issues when I go from effectively a “Hello World” type of test to a full blown game running.  We’re using Ubuntu/Chromium to create our APK.  This, once smoothed out will be awesome for allowing good performing native apps to be generated.  Another path I’ve explored, but need to put more time into, is using CocoonJS which offers an Ouya option, but it appears to not “just work”, but once it does, could be a convenient way to bring over Construct 2 games although performance might take a hit so we’ll see as I get further along.


All hale the laserdisc game

Another fun project I did that was purely as a test, but something I had to try out for myself is a test game called “Drone Warfare” that I did that was an exploration into my fond memories of classic laserdisc games like “Mach 3” and “Cobra Command”.  These games leveraged full motion video footage with computer graphics laid on top creating a unique experience unlike anything seen back in the early to mid 80’s.  Unfortunately while the performance was great and the tech did everything I wanted it too, the ability to take this tech to mobile has a ways to go.  iOS 8 will probably change this with the advent of webgl support and thus wrapping services like PhoneGap and other tech will perform much better, so this fall will mark a significant shift for HTML5 wrappers to finally become acceptable for most games.


Blackberry and Wii U Platforms

I figured that porting to Blackberry in spite of it being a dead platform might be worth a stab at porting a few games over too as paid apps to see if there might be some revenue options there.  The smaller, but loyal user base might appreciate new games more than the glut-o-app markets that need not be named. 🙂   As for Wii-U, I had to submit a form to Nintendo to see if they will approve us as a developer.  I really don’t know which way they will go.  We’ve done tons of games, but unfortunately we don’t have any uber famous titles to site at this time, however our experience, platforms reached and proper business structure could tip the scale in our favor.  I guess it just depends on what they are looking for.  It would be awesome to be able to publish to Wii and Ouya with HTML5 games we develop.


Games for Health Conference

This week was a kind of surprise for me.  I went to an open invitation Games for Health Mixer.  I could not afford the $600 price of admission so I was going to a couple of free events.  Fate would have it that I spoke to someone who was able to get me into the event.  I got to attend a good portion of the first day before leaving to attend my son’s Kindergarten graduation ceremony.  I was unfortunately not able to make it to the second day, but in the time I was there, I got a chance to talk to some really cool people and reconnect with some folks I saw last year.  So I made the most of the time I had there.  Games for good in general, be it education, health or prosperity really interest me and hope to continue doing more work in this space.


Tizen is coming

For awhile now Samsung has made a number of initiatives to encourage developers to create or port games over to their new OS called Tizen.  This is going to be not only in their new lines of phones but in other devices like TV’s and such.  In short Samsung has done so well with their Galaxy phone series that I believe they want to use their strength in the market to power their way away from relying on Google’s OS which benefits Google with every phone sold.  We have ported over seven games already and have more to bring over as time allows.  What was exciting for us is to be able to get our hands on a Tizen phone which are not available in the US yet.  It’s Linux based so I have to learn a few things about Ubuntu, but I’m already learning some cool stuff in that space with my efforts for the Ouya.  So I’m excited about the prospect of Tizen being a new market and frontier to be ready for.


More Games

So it’s been awhile since we updated our more games, but I went back and finally did it.  This took a bit of time, but it was also rewarding to look back and see all of the platforms and games we’ve made for them all.  This series of pages are intended to offer a quick external link to other games and platforms.  I’m hoping that Blackberry and Wii-U get added to this list in the near future.  You can see the lists here


I’ll leave it at that covering the biggest things since the last post.  We have more stuff going on, but I can address that stuff in coming posts.



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