Building a Kickstarter Video and Demo with no money and great friends!

Since we threw down the Gauntlet (for ourselves?)

So it’s been a crazy week needless to say piecing together the kickstarter.  I’ve found it inspiring and humbling to have found so many talented friends I’ve come to know over the years willing to help out with the project.  Considering how short a time we’ve had to mobilize this idea that’s been on the back burner for so long is exciting to see how everyone is like “Yea, this is a great idea for a game” and to those who already knew about it it was “Oh awesome, let’s do this!” so while I realize it’s not the most objective audience, I believe more than ever that this is a game that needs to be made now my goal is to make the best possible sales pitch to the Kickstarter and gaming communities to help us make this game a reality.


No Ouya for now, but PC will be just fine

We didn’t make it in time to make the “Free the Funds” Ouya campaign which would have been nice, but it at least helps us continue our focus on PC razor sharp as well as our Oculus Rift support stretch goal.  I’m also thinking that we can lower our budget needs a little and still have what we need to make the core experience what it needs to be.  The wonderful thing about stretch goals is that we can extend the game further


The trouble with Tiers 

I’m struggling with pricing my tiers though.  We’re avoiding too much physical merchandise just to help us spend more time making the game and less time (and money) on non-game related value adds, but I know we need some of it and frankly I’d love to create posters, t-shirts and other limited edition stuff for the game anyway so the question is really how many people will be that pumped to contribute the big bucks to help us get this game into the hands of everyone?  I feel like this is a difficult area to effectively gauge, but I have a good idea of what I think people will dig, but it might just have to take the kickstarter to go live to find out if I’m right.


What’s happening this week

This Thursday I’ll be having a meeting with a local Kickstarter Guru named Ian Danski who’s helped out a number of other local indies on their kickstarters with good success so I’m looking forward to his insight on this.  Friday I meet with a cosplay actor Christian Hegg to film some 80’s inspired live action scenes to sprinkle into the kickstarter as well.  I’m no video wiz, but we’re going to do our best to produce some content that will help compliment and hopefully not detract from the video.

Then on top of that I’m dusting off my old Half Life mod modeling days skills using Milkshape3D, and work with a number of 3d assets to assemble objects for our developer Allen Seitz.  In addition to my own work I have Nephtali Leal working on the Gyrocopter and Anthony Cefaretti working on the turret operators.  I’m very excited to see all of these things come together this week.


Looking ahead (a matter of weeks) 

Next week should be all about building a 3D demo of the game.  This will be focused on providing a real example of what the game will look like in action.  It won’t be playable in the sense of the game having good enemy AI and such but should show the perspective of being in the gyrocopter overlooking the battlefield with wave after wave of incoming enemies you can look at over your shoulder.

Once we have this demo and the live action footage and armed with some insight on our tiers, the following weeks will be spent on assembling a demo/prototype using Unity3D which is what we want to build the game with anyway.

Ben Ellis is going to be also lending a hand with Environmental art for the scenery of the demo so it will be nice to see what he can do to help us create a nice desert highway environment.  Additionally Zack Miller an good friend and seasoned video editor will help us regarding the video itself which is a big help because I’m pretty sure my iMovie skills would do more harm than good to making a well structured and convincing video.

All of this leads up to our Kickstarter launch which we’re aiming to start around September 13th which is the 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games.  We want to leverage that event to be a springboard for the Kickstarter.  I’m debating how to handle this since I’m learning that launching on a weekend is bad, but I don’t want people to also miss out on our call to action at the event, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

I realize also that I should probably get this game up on Steam’s Greenlight program as well if nothing else, but for some marketing buzz assuming anyone can find it and thinks it looks cool.  I need some more content though to really give this game some sizzle..  our weakest link right now is our lack of concrete visuals which are coming, just not ready yet.


Reaching out to the press

If you’re in the video game press and would like to know more contact me at or really if you’re interested about it at all, just hit me up.  I promise to respond promptly and gladly answer any questions you might have.

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