Road Defender Demo Begins And Everything Is Awesome

Things Are Coming Together

So it’s been a fantastic week since the last post.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen or read “The Secret” but I’m telling you this has been an incredibly “law of attraction”-ish period of time.  We have been very fortunate in the last couple of weeks to find the right people to make things happen that seemed insurmountable only a few weeks ago into a thriving reality today.


New Team Members

First of all, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Sam Bonin a 3D artist who has already gone above and beyond in his willingness to help Road Defender become a reality.  He also turns out to lives incredibly close to me which is a huge help because much of the initial work we’re doing regarding the Gyrocopter requires in person discussions to really work through the precision needed to insure the camera’s POV and location within the Gyrocopter offers the best vantage point of the convoy.

Allen Seitz a developer we have worked with before in the past also is someone who recently came around at a perfect time as well.  He’s helping us with a client project, which was initially how we got in touch, but then after talking about that, it became known that he had not only Unity3D experience, but making games that revolve around driving and car AI!  So we’re very excited to have his assistance in building a demo for the world to see.  Hopefully by next week we’ll have some updated visuals.

Zach Stiefel is another not so much “new member” but returning member to help out with music and sound for the game.  Back in 2012, Zach had the winning submission for our Audio Catch crowdsourcing music project.  You can hear it in one of our past prototypes below:

I’ll be updating the Part12 Studios web site about section soon with new members now that things are beginning to gel more.


Kickstarter Gurus Share Their Knowledge

Another remarkable event happened this week.  I was able to meet up with Ian Danski a local Kickstarter Savant who has had a knack helping local indies with their kickstarters and with good results as well.  His insight to how things work with Kickstarter as well as some incredibly helpful resources for working efficiently with the game press.  I’ve been working hard on a presskit() (pronounced “do presskit”) which has been really cool.  It’s mostly done, but I’m fleshing out a few more details before it’s ready.

I’ve also been able to talk with another seasoned kickstarter friend Jacob Clark from Gaming In Public who was part of the “Dwarf Madness” kickstarter.  He gave some really good advice in how to use Greenlight in conjunction with Kickstarter to gain visibility about the project from the greenlight/steam community.  He also helped me realize the turnaround for approvals for Kickstarter and video / tier rules which I was worried about being a slow and selective process.  It seems that it’s very efficient these days so this gives us more time to make the video as polished and engaging as possible.


We Will Have A Table At Boston FIG

I didn’t think we had any games that felt right for the Boston Festival of Indie Games so I decided to not submit anything, which was the right thing to do, but once I realized this Kickstarter was happening, it made a lot of sense to make Boston FIG a kind of public display of the game to show gamers what we’re doing and see what they think about the project.  Something I’ve learned is that one of the big reasons a good KS project still fails is it’s inability to convey the vision of the game and what the game is about.  Having a large audience of completely new faces see and hopefully be able to try out our game will be incredibly valuable as well as a time to connect with local press who might find what we’re doing interesting and newsworthy.


What’s Ahead

I owe Boston FIG some marketing material which I’m going to work on tomorrow.  I’m also hoping to do some filming tomorrow evening as well.  There is a guy who lives in my neighborhood who’s got some nice sized military Diesel trucks that would make great scenes for some tight action shots.  I’m really excited to get my post apocalyptic gear on and film some stuff.  I really need to invest in some good army boots.  I bought my wife a handheld cobra crossbow for her birthday (she’s cool like that) which I hope will make a nice prop if I can get some good action shots.  I’ll be also working to coordinate the new 3d models Sam’s working on with Allen’s demo efforts so we can really get the POV right with the eventual HUD system so we can make sure it looks and feels right.  The gyrocopter HUD system will be really exciting to develop but it also will require a bit of testing to find a sweet balance of atmosphere and narrative itself while not becoming a distraction for the game and making the screen feel cramped.

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