Boston FIG was Amazing!

My voice is pretty much back now after an eventful Boston FIG event.  Over the course of eight hours we spoke to easily 300 people between DJ and myself and a ton of email addressed to let people know more about the upcoming kickstarter.

I got to get decked out in my mad max gear and tell people about our “Tower Defense on Wheels”.  I put together a video that offered some good background footage to help capture peoples interest.  Our setup was pretty modest compared to many other booths and a good lesson learned was to not forget business cards!


In the future I’ll be sure to have not just business cards for Part12 Studios, but specific cards about a given project like Road Defender.  I think business card size is fine even though I could see how the larger sizes do allow a lot more information to be conveyed.  Maybe if things go well between now and Mar-April we’ll have a shot at PAX East, but I’m not banking on it.


As much as I was a little disappointed we didn’t have a nicer display we engaged so many people non-stop for so many hours that I’m not sure if we made our stand better it would have been beneficial because we simply had so many people to talk too, that if the stand did attract more people we still wouldn’t have had enough people to talk to them all!

I definitely will be sure though that if we do get a nicer setup that we also have more people to handle the crowds because with these kind of events you don’t always have a 2nd chance to catch someone’s attention.  It’s like fishing.  If you have all your lures occupied, the other fish will just swim on by.

People were incredibly easy to approach which made talking about the game so much easier.  It also was an incredible chance to really refine what Road Defender is as a game and what things make it really stand out from other games in the Tower Defense Genre.

This week I’ll compile all the email addresses and do the gas mask drawing to see who the lucky winner will be.  It was fun to emphasize that it was NOT the gas mask I was wearing at FIG. 🙂

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