Road Defender, Finger King and Controller Quest News

So many fronts!

It’s been a good month. A lot of projects going on, it’s been incredibly rewarding to see so much progress on so many fronts.  Since several of the fronts we’re working on are in stealth mode, I wanted to focus on three particular fronts that I can give some updates on.


Road Defender

We are continuing to develop the demo and establish the proof of concept of Road Defender as a 3D game.  It’s been moving in a great direction.  Allen has found some great solutions to overcome the unique challenges that this game has.  The demo will never be as polished as we’d like without the Kickstarter funding which needed to give us the time we need to make the game every bit as fun as it can be!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.17.33 PM


The demo currently allows a player to drag a virtual box out of a given vehicle you can move and when you release the box the vehicle moves to that location.  The next step is going to be to show a wire frame object that reflects the vehicle you are commanding.


Ouya and Construct 2

Historically there hasn’t been an effective solution for HTML5 based games to port over to the Ouya.  Thankfully the good folks over at Ouya value the growing indie HTML5 game dev community and I’ve been working closely with Tim Graupmann on the the Ouya team.  He’s created a brilliant system leveraging Chromium.  We’ve mapped all of the gamepad buttons except the Ouya’s menu button.  After that we’ll make sure we can properly call the Ouya store through the ajax object in Construct 2.

Controller Question Ouya Big Icon

The project is a free utility app with a humble donate button.  I wanted to create something useful for the Ouya community and at the same time be something simple to implement and require I know how to access every button on the controller.  Offering a donate button also allows me to insure I can properly access the Ouya store and with that knowledge know we can move forward with projects we can make for the Ouya that can be deeper and more ambitious for the future.


Finger King

Yes it’s back! I’ve had to keep it on the back burner for awhile because we have just had too much going on, however I’m happy to report that we’ve teamed up with Bryan Carvalho a local Construct 2 developer like myself.  I will be working with him on it’s development overseeing the games progress and helping out as we explore several things.  The first goal is getting the game made in Construct 2 to it’s former GameSalad glory.

We also have some performance testing with PhoneGap to insure the games runs well on iOS8.  Unfortunately this means that iOS7 and older users will likely suffer performance issues, but the benefits gained by using PhoneGap for us is worth the trade-off.  We’ll also test out XDK and Ejecta as well as an alternatives if we feel the added support of older devices will be worth the loss of various options that PhoneGap opens up.

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