A Different Kind of Screenshot Saturday

This was my #screenshotsaturday today teaching a class of 8-11 year olds how to make video games at www.younggamemakers.com who spearheaded the event working with Games Forum Boston. The kids did a great job following along and it was great to see the light up when their game went from them making a few simple graphics to dodging and shooting at monsters they created.



We’ll have more Road Defender news next week for sure! ¬†ūüôā ¬†We got our hands on a nice car physics unity package to allow us to prototype realistic vehicle behavior for the demo. ¬†Very exciting to explore the excitement and unpredictability of vehicle combat driven by physics! ¬†Exciting times ahead!

We’re also making progress with the human turret operator as well. ¬†He is being passed around several artists to give the character the needed touches. ¬†We should have him also ready for next week’s screen shares.

Some awesome news also regarding developments regarding Cordova / XDK for mobile game development as well, but I’ll save the final results once I’ve worked through a few more plugins to integrate/test hopefully by this coming weekend.

Lastly but not least, we’re “this close” to being able to publish some projects we have in the works to Ouya. ¬†With the release today of¬†Chickcharney the latest OS, now all the back end links for HTML5 games to reach the store and more are available. ¬†I’ve been working with Tim over at Ouya to test things out and make sure everything works nicely with Construct 2. ¬†More coming about this once I’ve been able to really test things out and get the first app of it’s kind published.

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