Road Defender Progress With Vectrocity And More

Road Defender has been continuing to improve with refining the AI system. Its amazing how tedious it can get creating groups of enemies to decide which targets to focus on and not get in each others way.

Also getting the wireframe “augmented reality” HUD stuff was improved as well this week showing the core idea is there, but as it stands the video shows, it’s still a little rough, but the progress we’re making it steady and we have a good plan to take it far enough to properly demonstrate.


November should be the month we manage to wrap of the scope of the demo to illustrate the core idea of the game so we can make a good pitch to the Kickstarter community.  We’re excited to make it the best presentation possible.

Some additional pictures from the latest demo:




I’m also excited about a number of other behind the scene projects going on.  They are all in various stages of development, but because they are client gigs, we are not able to talk about them.  Road Defender represents our primary internally developed game, but we should be announcing some other projects cooking in the Part12 Studios kitchens.  I look forward to revealing these projects in the coming weeks and months!

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