One Crazy Summer!

Road Defender on back burner

First of all, from about August till April, it was a busy time work to get Road Defender in shape for Kickstarter and while we achieved much of what we set out to do in the prototype we realized that it wasn’t enough to be a solid kickstarter.  Yes we could have tried, but the reality is that our plates are extremely full with a number of exciting projects that we are doing for clients and these come first.  When I saw that first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road back in August I knew we needed to try and take advantage of the renewed interest in the Mad Max franchise that was the core inspiration of the game’s setting.  However because this wasn’t all we had been working on, it was difficult to give it the attention it needs and keep up with our other responsibilities.  We did our best, but we felt it wasn’t enough.

The plan is to revise the prototype and I’m looking to work with the Unreal 4 engine which has some very cool features and core functions that I believe will give me the tools i need to further develop a better prototype and to be more hands on than I was with the prototype we developed using Unity3D.  However this requires me to devote a good amount of time to learn how to use this other engine and apply things to the next Road Defender prototype.  I’m also really excited that the Mad Max movie was a huge success and that it really thrilled audiences.  I plan on seeing it this week (finally!) and take copious notes.  I actually already just seeing the various clips have gotten some new ideas of how we can make the game even more exciting and interesting than the original game’s concept.  I’m curious to see what else about the movie really got from it.

The original will always be iconic, but knowing this fresh new take on the story and one that many people have seen and raved about.  I want to understand what elements could come from that excitement and bring at least a taste of that into this new bolder Road Defender.


What else We’ve been doing

Roger was working hard on a matchmaking app of the “Tinder” ilk named Challa.  It offers some interesting new features on top of the basic like or dislike aspect.  Roger’s been working on that about as long as I’ve been working on Road Defender.  We are almost done with that project and are excited to be a part of several other new projects that are under way.   We can’t talk about the new projects we’re working on, but we’ll be sure to share plenty about them once they are ready for the world.  I’ve also been working on some projects for a couple of clients as well so all of this has been very exciting to be a part of.  I created a casual game for Buffalo White called Dodge The Logs and I had the opportunity to work with Limelight Networks and help them create a trade show app for their booth displays called Game On! that was a lot of fun to create.


The future

So yea we’re really excited about how things are developing.  We’ve managed to pull off some incredible projects and overcome some incredible challenges.  We’ve been fortunate to be able to grow some this year and bring on additional help with the projects we have going on and coming this summer so we look forward to what the future holds and are honored have had the opportunity to help some really great clients develop their ideas into reality and look forward to building stronger bonds with our clients and excited to work with new clients as well.

There is plenty more to talk about, but I’m going to get back to work and try to set aside some Monday morning time each week like I used too.  If not weekly at least Monthly.

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