Sweet Meteor of Death, the last game Apple will ever approve!

Hi everyone, we’re back with another hypercasual release.  We teamed up with the internet meme @SMoD2016 to bring you Sweet Meteor of Death: The Video Game as a hypercasual game.  Simple.  Summon a SMoD of your own and send it hurling to the earth as fast as possible.  Painless leaderboard ranks the top 10 scores in the world.  With a crazy election behind us and unrest and conflict bound for years to come, make a choice that will have a real impact on the world!  Follow @SMoD2016 on twitter as well.  We found the Meteor to be charming and perhaps a bit hyperfocused on his job at hand, but we appreciate when it’s clear there is a focus on what really matters.  Fulfilling destiny.

Check out more clicking here to go to our SMoD Product Page

Because there isn’t a lot of time left, here are links to two fine app stores:



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