Excited about revisiting Quicksilver through an interactive mockup and more

It’s been awhile since I blogged on here and I’m looking to get back into it on a regular basis.  We’ve been going strong and are continuing to develop products for clients and when time permits get some of our own ideas off the ground.

Some things are still under the radar for now, but we’re really proud of the work we’ve done for Gamerfame a real money competition in the view of services like Skillz.  We’re continuing to help them get it off the ground and used by more developers.  Check it out if you want to get in early. We’re

We also did some cool web based work for The Lamp helping them with a kind of interactive tutorial game to help students understand how to use their Media Breaker app which is pretty cool.

One project we’re revisiting in our spare time is Quicksilver which we’ve worked on since 2009.  It’s been a project we really want to bring to life, but have never been able to really devote the time we need to make it.  We’re exploring some funding options and a way for us to help move this forward is to make an interactive demo to help show how the game will be structured and to effectively simulate what playing the game will be like.

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