Alexa Gadget Game “Don’t Cut That Wire” is Live!

We’re proud to announce Don’t Cut That Wire is now live on the Amazon Skillz Store which has a 4.5 of 5 star rating which is rewarding to see.  We worked closely with Amazon’s internal development team through the (still baking) Echo Button SDK.  It’s a fun take on Simon where you and your friends are shown the order and color of the wires on your echo buttons and then must repeat back those correct color / oder to diffuse a series of prankster bombs (didn’t want to be to morbid for a party game!).

I ordered my own set of Echo Buttons ($20 a pair, buy two sets and it’s free shipping).  Check it out if you have the buttons.  There are some interesting trivia games out there as well.  We’re excited to be bringing two more games to the store in the coming weeks and proud that we were able to create some unique games that stand out from the rest.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted.


About Caleb

Game Producer at Part12 Studios here in greater Boston area. Caleb loves game design and the execution of game development. He is also a semi-serious old school skater and a married father of two wonderful boys.