Beatrice Gets Rolling Again

I’m super excited to share that we’re digging in to work on several games that we have wanted to release for awhile.  Having just come off the Alexa Echo Button games and seeing what 2018 has in store, we’re making good progress to get these games back on track.

For Beatrice we’re working on the main character concept and establishing some theme / style elements while Roger is hammering away at the game mechanics and I’m working with our artist Nina on the layouts.

Beatrice is moving away from the original theme park story and taking her to a much more interesting world of Alchemy and Witchcraft creating a cute game where you are creating potions of various types for adventurers and other customers using her magic to help craft potions with the help of steampunk machinery.

I look forward to reporting in more regularly with meaningful updates and we welcome input from those interested in what we’re doing.

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About Caleb

Game Producer at Part12 Studios here in greater Boston area. Caleb loves game design and the execution of game development. He is also a semi-serious old school skater and a married father of two wonderful boys.