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Klouds+ Early Villan Concepts

So far the plan is to have a series of weeks with different weather conditions creating varied behaviors.  At the end of these respective weeks the player faces off with a boss.  Each one supporting the theme of the weather of that week.  Here you can see a first pass of those concepts.  

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Zen Hopper gets 9/10 review from Daily Appetizer!

I am excited to report we received an independent app review from They reviewed our app and had lots of nice things to say about it.  We hope we can find more sites like this in the future to give our apps the exposure it needs to grow.

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Klouds+ picks up steam

Hi everyone, with Zen Hopper publicized, Apples to Apples just about out the door, the move into my new house complete, my son in daycare again and the new website launched <takes breath> I can get back to developing Klouds+.  

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Hello World! No seriously, Hello!

I’m happy to report that Part12 Studios now, as you can see has a new website.  With all the changes going on and our increased work in the mobile field as well as social, we felt that the previous flash website needed to be retired.  Thank you for visiting and check back with us.  We […]

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