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Quicksilver Shaping Up Nicely And Other Good News

Last week was a weird one for me.  My intent at the start of the week was to devote my energy on Finger King.  However it seems that while we were tremendously productive, I didn’t do a darn thing for Finger King.  Roger has made some great headway in Quicksilver, but to make this progress […]

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Thinking about Color Blind for FredEx and Beyond

While I was at Boston FIG, I had one guy come check out the games and he asked me about color blind support.  It had never occurred to me to factor this in when making the game.  Not knowing where to start, I reached out to the Boston Indies and not to my surprise I […]

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Tag Teaming with Finger King and FredEx

This is going to be an interesting process over the next two months or so as I switch between two games.  I’m not sure how it’s going to play out, but its fun to jump between them letting them stew some and evolve as i work on the other game.  Also allows art assets to […]

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FredEx and Finger King Crunching for Boston FIG

So yea wow it’s Sept 2nd already?!  less than two weeks before FIG and I have so much to work out with FredEx mostly.  It’s shaping up into a cool game and with a few more layers of gameplay i think it’s going to be a fun game.  I’m looking forward to having the public […]

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Juggling multiple games

With about 21 days left till Boston FIG I can definitely feel the pressure of developing two games working to beat the clock.  However, FredEx has been making some amazing strides over the last week and being that it was the far more risky game to develop, I’m happy to report it’s shaping up nicely. […]

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Goodbye Letterbox, Hello Overscan

When the iPhone 5 came out I was pretty disappointed to see them introduce yet another aspect ratio.. i saw all of the design changes i would have to make for my legacy games and seeing that none of them were big money makers, it didn’t seem like time well spent.  So I figured letterbox […]

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FredEx Prototype Developed

Finger King has been going slow due to some art hold ups that are what happens when life comes in and derails the best laid plans.  However fear not, Finger King is alive and well and still a thing!  While I had a little down time this last week I decided to prototype another idea […]

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Quicksilver Design Comes Together

We’ve continued to work on this as time permits and we’re very happy with the results.  While this game will ring familiar on the surface with well known games like Mafia Wars and their ilk, we’re striving to create a simple and accessible condensed MMORPG experience. We’re targeting the initial release to be on the […]

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Quicksilver Multiplayer RPG In Production

Going waaaay back to 2009 Part12 Studios had wanted to make a “condensed mmo” rpg experience.  Roger and I went through a hard core World of Warcraft phase.  I remember how cool it was with the invention of the WoW Armory and this got us thinking about making “Wow Armory: The Game” providing a simplified […]

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From Windows Phone 8 to Android back to iOS

Well the last few weeks have been very informative and exciting time for me as a mobile phone user.  I’ve been itching to try some of the latest phones coming from iOS since the iPhone 4 first arrived on.  A brief history before that, I had been a pretty hard core windows mobile user with Sprint.  I […]

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