Bee Active
Bee Active
Bee Active
Bee Active

Bee Active

Bee Active is a retro-styled game with a “flappy bird” influence and much more!  The game is loaded with tons of interesting facts about honey bees.  We made this game to raise awareness of honeybees and their importance.

This is free and offers easy access to our crowdrise page which is where we ask anyone interested in donating to help with the study and benefit of honeybees.  All revenue generated by Bee Active will be be donated to this cause.

A serious problem has begun recently known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) which has caused a startling decrease in population of bees.

We are releasing it on a number of different platforms.  Links will become active once these have become live.  Our intention of directing people here is to offer a single point of reference for the various platforms below:

Big thanks to for making such awesome chip tune music.  It was a great fit!







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Thank you and let’s help the bees!