Klouds+ Press Kit

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Press Kit: Klouds


iOS – 10 free levels with a one time in-app purchase full game
and Google Play – $0.99 for full game


Klouds is a unique physics driven action puzzle game.
Tap the white bubbles to displace the pollution over the sides of your walls with special moves, clever choices and accelerometer!

Press Kit Kontains:

– Klouds+ icons and screenshots
– Trailer link
– Part12 Studios Logo


– Accelerometer used to allow gentle nudging in tight situations
– 28 days/stages total with a special ending for those who make it all the way! With more weeks and weather konditions planned
– Interactive tutorial to easily learn the unique game mechanics
– 4 weeks each with unique weather challenges, normal, dry, humid, freezing
– 3 Star system (Less taps, more stars)
– Built in benchmarking systemto help gauge your phones performance
– Unlock in-game weekly special moves which are: three bubble summoner, explosion, anti gravity bubble and super expander

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