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Juggling multiple games

With about 21 days left till Boston FIG I can definitely feel the pressure of developing two games working to beat the clock.  However, FredEx has been making some amazing strides over the last week and being that it was the far more risky game to develop, I’m happy to report it’s shaping up nicely. […]

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Goodbye Letterbox, Hello Overscan

When the iPhone 5 came out I was pretty disappointed to see them introduce yet another aspect ratio.. i saw all of the design changes i would have to make for my legacy games and seeing that none of them were big money makers, it didn’t seem like time well spent.  So I figured letterbox […]

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It’s Go Time! Part12 Shifts Back To Their Own Games

So Part12 Studios has had a really great year so far in 2013.  However most of the time has been spent helping others develop their games.  We’ve had some great clients work with us and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve others and help make their games a reality.  July has been a big […]

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FredEx Prototype Developed

Finger King has been going slow due to some art hold ups that are what happens when life comes in and derails the best laid plans.  However fear not, Finger King is alive and well and still a thing!  While I had a little down time this last week I decided to prototype another idea […]

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